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Award Winning

Mobilewits is an award winning mobile app development company based in Dallas, Irving and Atlanta. While Mobilewits is based locally for many of our clients, we serve global clientele and have successfully designed and developed over 100 mobile apps.

Your Mobile App

The decision on which mobile app company to select is one of the most difficult decisions your company will make. Your mobile app can impact consumer perception, profitability, branding, consumer awareness, and in some cases be the sole deciding outcome of your company’s success.We have developed mobile apps in numerous industries ranging from games, educational, social, shopping, flooring, to highly complex mobile apps designed for the highly regulated healthcare industry. Mobilewits has designed, developed and successfully launched over 100 mobile apps in various industries. Partner with a mobile app company that has an exceptional track record. Mobilewits has historically helped our clients achieve success.

The Mobilewits Strategy

Mobilewits receives numerous requests for mobile apps, from clients all over the world. Regardless of the mobile app, Mobilewits does not cut corners and uses only the latest techniques and technologies. Success of your mobile app is precision planned, down to the finest detail. Upon receiving a request for a mobile app,our team compiles analysis and researches the mobile app requirements, design and researches industry leaders for any unseen gaps and potential opportunities. Potential gaps are addressed prior to your build, which is why we valued by our clients for our integrity. Mobilewits is not just a team of over 40 highly skilled developers, but also brings in an executive marketer, quality assurance specialist and a business analyst who will analyze your app from an end user perspective. Mobilewits is proactive in the design of your mobile app and dedicated to your success.